Phil Spitler | Creative Technologist | Artist


Luminous Waveforms is a collaboration with Victoria Mara Heilweil, the illuminated seating arrangement comprised of a suite of parametrically designed, sculpted wooden benches.  The organic curves are inspired by nature and sound waves, sliced into a repeating rhythm.

The fluid elegance of the forms and gradual color shifts from the interior illumination transform the physical experience of the seating.  The seating is both form and function.

The benches were designed in 3D modeling software and then sliced into 2D planes. Each plane is then CNC cut out of 3/4 inch birch plywood and physically re-assembled back into its three dimensional form.  The face of each wooden slice provides a solid canvas for the intelligent lighting to project upon.

Luminous Waveforms have been exhibited at:

Wonderspace (San Diego)

The Autumn Lights Festival (Oakland)

Friends & Family (Saratoga Springs)

Burning Man (Black Rock desert)

The Midway (San Francisco)

Space 151 (San Francisco)

DZINE Gallery (San Francisco)