Phil Spitler | Creative Technology Artist


Inflorescence is an illuminated, interactive art installation originally created as a public art project for Arts Los Altos by Phil Spitler and Liz Hickok, consisting of larger-than-life native wildflowers, glowing, transforming, and activating an underutilized public space. The artist duo merged their talents to connect the public to the healing and inspiring natural forces found right in our backyards. Additionally, there is an added layer of augmented reality which brings the flowers to life as they appear to distort and grow in three-dimensional space when viewed through your phone or tablet.

As the sun goes down, colored light radiates from behind the artwork in beautifully choreographed sequences. Vibrant, ethereal flowers are projected onto the surroundings, slowly rotating on the ground and the walls. These projections add movement to the site, and draw viewers in. Children and adults alike love exploring the projections, spinning and becoming enveloped in the color and light, placing themselves inside the floral blooms.

The installation is the paseo at 250 3rd Street, Los Altos, California