Phil Spitler | Creative Technology Artist


Garage Mahal is Burning Man camp that has been going out to the Back Rock Desert since 2002.

Lead lighting designer, flame effects and CNC fabrication are among the projects I have worked on with Garage Mahal.

The lotus petals are a key element to the design of the car, 15 individual petals arranged around the front of the car. Each petal is made up of a hand bent steel frame covered in a spandex sleeve. For the illumination I added WS2815 LED strips around the edge of each petal using a density of 144 LEDs per meter. I use a Falcon F16v3 controller to send the pixel data to each strip. I created a 2d planar arrangement of the petals and mapped them in xLights. Animations were created using a combination of Adobe After Effects and xLights, played back using FPP on a Raspberry Pi.